StartUp Exchange

Start up Exchange Program

Bring and connect young aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world to learn an understand ecosystem better and work mutually.

Startup Exchange is a 4-12 week program that introduces students to startups and is focused on building the entrepreneurial community at Gen-I Accelerator. This community will consist of networking, open discussions, and collaboration, complemented with optional curated resources.


International start up exchange
International internship with startups
Working with them
Work on your idea.
Pitch your idea in front of International network Engaged Network
Launch your start up
Work with International entrepreneurs and mentors. Learn about Investment scenario.

We prepare students to turn their ideas into reality!
This program is an invaluable resource for students with ideas and young
entrepreneurs as it introduces customer discovery, product-market fit, behavioral
economics, and pitches and helps build a network of resources to turn ideas into
businesses. This program will consist of open discussions and collaboration,
complemented with optional homework and readings. We will have two meetings per
week: one focused on the theoretical approaches to startups and one focused on hands
on activities and workshops.

Pricing- 2750 Euros Per month ( Ex VAT) Includes-

Working with International start up
Co working space (Seat)
Access to International network of start ups and Teams Accommodation ( Sharing Room)
Free Sim
Free Monthly Transport ( Travel anywhere in Paris) Culture Tour
Industry and Start up visits.

Local Transport
Other personal expenses.
Additional Support- Visa Support
Visa Letter Embassy Support. Local Sim
Local Transport

Locations- Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Barcelona, Valencia (Spain), Oslo (Norway) Etc.
Industry- AI, Retail, Art, Fashion, E commerce, Mobility, Cyber Space etc.

Lalit Gautam
Mobile- + 91 9024386464 Whatsapp